We recommend the following way to localize Active Query Builder VCL and ActiveX Edition:
  • Download and install the component and find the 'English.lng' file in 'Languages' directory.
  • Download and install IniTranslator application for fast and easy translation.
  • Open 'English.lng' file as Original. We also recommend you to set the following IniTranslator options: "Show details", "Use translation everywhere".
  • Now you can start to translate. Below are the form screenshots intended to ease translation process. Each section of .lng file represents a form (window), except the [Active Query Builder] section that contains common strings used in Active Query Builder (popup menus, grid captions, error messages, etc.).
  • If you find that some of translated strings doesn't fit the form, try to cut the string, or tell us about this case so we can allocate more space on the form for it.
  • There are two strings in the [General Settings] section that should be set in exact matching to your language: 'CharSet' and 'BiDiMode'. First item specifies required character set of the font and second specifies the bi-directional mode of controls. All possible values are listed in the comments in 'English.lng' file, so all you need is to uncomment settings that fit your language and copy them to your translation file.

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