We are glad to introduce the first beta version of Active Query Builder 3 WinForms and WPF Editions!

The technical part

Our main goal for the new major version was to empower the user interface for easy SQL query editing. And we wanted to simplify porting the component to different platforms: Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, Mono and others. To make this happen, we had to reorganize the component's core by splitting it into several layers. We've made the compact cross-platform core with separated query object model and its logic controller. This will let us to carry out this logic for different environments, such as JavaScript. The UI presentation controller allows for quick support of different graphic subsystems and third-party visual libraries.

The customers blamed the previous version for lack of UI flexibility. Some of them have requested to move out the Database Schema Tree to a separate visual control, the others have preferred a wizard-like interface. The new version allows for reorganizing existing visual components the way you need. It lets add new controls into it, and new visual controls to ease visual query building are on the way.

The new features of End-User Interface

Active Query Builder 3 WPF Edition

Ready in this release:

  • Free composition of the user interface. Now you can re-arrange the user interface controls the way you need. You can move out the Database Schema Tree, place the Design Area and Query Columns Grid on separate tabs, etc.
  • The new Sub-Query Navigation pane. We've renounced of tabs to navigate sub-queries and created own visual component. It lets visualize, navigate and edit the structure of any complex SQL query.
  • The new sidebar panel will replace the modal property editing dialogs. It will let change various properties of query objects: table aliases, join types and expressions, TOP/LIMIT, DISTINCT clauses with no need for modal dialogs.
  • A lot of lesser improvements will be made to simplify routine tasks (reordering of multiple query columns with drag & drop, etc.).

The new core, API and developer tools

Many changes are coming to make programmer's work with SQL queries as easy as it can be.

  • Simplified API to build SQL queries by code,
  • Serializable query object model,
  • Data type detection of SQL expressions,
  • Improved API to work with parameters will help to apply parameter values to SqlCommand,
  • Support for macros will allow for embedding arbitrary SQL expressions in the query text,
  • Improved Metadata Container and Metadata Structure editor.

How to get started?

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